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Q: I have taken Simba in the past . At the moment, I have shingles – is Simba helpful for this?
Please advise asap!

A: Simba will be very helpful for you to take to get your immune system functioning correctly and to help your body to deal with shingles (herpes zoster) and also with any inflammation. However, as you know, it will take a few weeks to get into the system and start to work.
 also take Filisa at a dose of 6 capsules daily until you begin to feel better. Then reduce the doses to the recommended daily dose. I would carry on with Simba for about 6 months to make sure that you are completely better.
While you have the shingles you should take L-lysine which is anti-herpes amino acid - 500mg daily - and a good high potency multi-vitamin daily. Vitamin B12 can also be helpful.
You should also avoid any back massages, as the chicken pox virus is believed to lie dormant in the nerve cells around the spine for many yewars after people catch this childhood infection. Vigorous massage can trigger an attack.

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