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Can it be true...?

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Most vitamins at least require some food to be purchased and eaten. But, unless you have a deficiency, not this one...

Vitamin D is a powerful healing chemical produced by the skin in response to natural sunlight. This is sunlight directly on the skin. It doesn't work through windows, and apparently doesn't work through even the weakest of sunscreens either. Luckily for Northern Europeans, Vitamin D is generated more easily by fair skin. Unfortunately, this is balanced out by the reduced amount of sunlight available in Northern Europe!

Vitamin D can also be absorbed from food, but it is very difficult to get all you need from diet alone. However, it is impossible to overdose on Vitamin D from natural sunlight. The body is very clever at knowing when to stop.

Without Vitamin D, the body cannot absorb calcium. It wouldn't matter how many calcium supplements you took, without sufficient Vitamin D, they would be useless. Consequently, one of the major conditions of vitamin D deficiency is Osteoporosis.

Lack of Vitamin D also contributes to weakness, chronic pain, depression, SAD, schizophrenia, diabetes and many forms of cancer.

What you can do to get enough...


Make the most of that winter sunlight. Brave the cold and try and bare your arms or legs to the weaker rays. 

In the summer, a good ten to fifteen minutes for fair skin, or double that for darker skin. Forget the sunscreen for that short time unless the sun is burning hot, and bare a decent amount of skin too, but not enough to get you arrested!


Consume more fatty fish, eggs, fortified cereals, mushrooms grown in sunlight, and milk.


Vitamin D in liquid form has a good absorption rate. This one by Solgar contains high levels of Vitamin D3

Which source is best?

This study by 'Trust me, I'm a Doctor' concludes that all three are good. Though sunshine is the only one that is entirely free!


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