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Simba and Allergies: A Testimonial


(Simba) has enabled me to carry on with the hobby that I love...

As a young person I never suffered from allergies but sometime in my 50’s things changed and sadly the change involved me becoming more and more effected by my garden activities. All things gardening, plants, soil and composts set off eye, nose and throat irritation, caused small sore blemishes on my face and finally resulted in a silly little cough deep down in my lungs, I even felt that my ears were producing soft damp wax. Across the counter remedies worked but I don’t like to be constantly taking such things so I tried several natural remedies until I found Simba. This product has enabled me to carry on with the hobby that I love, very occasionally I might overdo things and old symptoms revisit but these are easily quelled. What a blessing to have discovered this product, my retirement to a lovely two acre garden would have been near impossible without it.

Sandra. New Zealand


We're delighted to say that our stock of Simba (African Potato) and Themba Herbal Skin Cream has now been replenished and all back-orders will be shipped tomorrow. Many apologies for the delay. Normal service has been resumed :-)

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My Polymyalgia Rheumatica story

At Little Herbal Company over the years, I have listened to many stories of pain and suffering. Some of the worst of those have been auto-immune conditions, caused when the body, confused and stressed, turns on itself, resulting in a huge variety of problems.Little did I know, I was about to become a victim of [...]

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Supporting the Body in Times of Great Stress : A Review of Simba & Filisa

"Before taking my 'little helpers' I was drowning by the constant onslaught of the chemicals, the feeling of being sucked deeper down into the darkness of pain and despair..."A Review of Simba and Filisa (Little Herbal Company) by Lesley W, UKI was helped by Simba and Filisa to such a degree, that words just can not [...]

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'My blood-work has NEVER looked better' (A Review of SIMBA & FILISA for LUPUS)

We love getting feedback here at Little Herbal, and this one landed in our mailbox yesterday:I just want to tell some exciting news. I went to see my specialist doctor in Lupus, and she could tell me that my blood-work has NEVER looked better and she would not recommend me any medicine for treatment - [...]

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