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Q: Having spoken to a work colleague today she has suggested i contact you for some advice as she takes some pills that you advised and she has 'absolutely flown through the menopause' and she is also using some cream from you and has fantastic skin! I'm almost 49 years old and have started having some skin problems which my GP diagnosed as hormonal due to the onset of the menopause and i was basically told there was nothing they could do! I'm also experiencing bouts of depression, tender breasts and hot sweats during the night, i also have some nights where i have little or no sleep and feel quite stressed and achy much of the time.

A: Yes, we have a great supplement, called Filisa, which has helped many women through these distressing menopause symptoms.

Filisa, or Sutherlandia frutescens, is one of the most diverse Southern African plants. The plant is what is known as an adaptogen, which means that it helps your body to use it’s own resources to cope with mental and physical illness. Filisa actually means ‘to make better’. The plant itself contains a number of key chemicals which are beneficial to our health.

people who use Filisa for menopausal symptoms reportthat it is useful for helping with hot flashes, irritability, depression and sleeplessness.

You will need to take Filisa at the correct therapeutic dose of 2 capsules twice daily, with food, and you will need to persevere and be patient, as herbal remedies take time to take effect. But, Filisa tends to work quite quickly so I would hope you would see some improvement quite quickly.

I think that the cream  your colleague is using will be our fabulous Kuswera Zuro. Am I correct in assuming that you have a touch of acne rosacea? This usually manifests itself around the menopause. KZ is a brilliant moisturising cream which also helps with rosacea. I use it twice daily as do many of our customers.

You could also add a product called Vegepa, which is a combination of Omega 3 fish oil and evening primrose. This can help with breast tenderness experienced during PMT and menopause.

We also have a blend of sleepy herbs in our supplement called Nalala, which works very well in conjunction with Filisa. Nalala doesn’t make you feel at all ‘zombified’ in the morning but I would give Filisa a try on it’s own first and you may find that you won’t need Nalala.

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