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Liver Damage

Q: I saw the piece in 'Closer' magazine and I need to know if you have any herbal preparations which help to repair the liver after drinking alcohol?   

A: Alcohol does much more harm to the body than just damaging the liver. Drinking also can weaken the immune system and that is why a supplement which supports and regulates your immune system is helpful.
The liver bears the brunt of the chemical age, accumulating toxins that weaken the immune system. When the liver becomes sluggish and overburdened, unfiltered toxins end up circulating throughout the body and are deposited in fatty tissue. When the alkaline reserve is stable, and acids and toxins being eliminated daily, the body is more balanced.
Our Simba (African Potato tuber), recently mentioned by Marisa Peer in Closer magazine, balances and regulates your immune system and, in turn, supports healthy liver functioning.
Drinking carrot juice daily will also help to detoxify the liver.

But there are several things you can also do to help your liver.
Take vitamin C, which helps the body produce glutathione, a liver compound that drives away toxins. Antioxidants, such as Vitamin C, are important to help fight the cellular damage alcohol consumption can cause. Vitamin C is destroyed by alcohol, so supplement with it daily.
Drink plenty of pure filtered water. Alcohol 'switches-off' the hormone that helps the body retain water. This results in dehydration and headaches. Loss of body water stimulates thirst which, of course, encourages more drinking. The only fluid that will relieve dehydration is water. So, prevent dehydration by trying to drink water or mineral water in between alcoholic drinks

Breath deeply to allow oxygen to circulate more completely through your system.
Alcohol affects every organ in the body, but the liver is particularly susceptible to alcohol-induced damage. The herb known as milk thistle helps to strengthen the outer membranes of liver cells, protecting them from damage caused by alcohol. Milk thistle helps to make liver cells less permeable to alcohol which helps prevent cell damage. It also reduces the destruction of glutathione — a vital detoxing enzyme — which helps increase the speed at which the body can breakdown toxins such as alcohol. Alcohol-induced hangovers are also minimised by taking milk thistle.
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However, you should look after your liver and drink alcohol responsibly. The liver is an amazing organ with the power to regenerate itself but it can only do this so many times.  It's important to drink alcohol slowly because the liver can only handle one drink an hour. Any more than this and a toxic backlog of alcohol builds up in the blood, circulating the excess alcohol throughout the body until the liver is ready to deal with it. This stresses and damages the liver and results in a hangover.
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