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KUSWERA ZURO testimonials

A selection of customer feedback we have received about our KUSWERA ZURO cream

Acne rosacea, inflammed skin, dry skin, moisturiser, shaving rash


I couldn’t believe how quickly the healing process took place.

It all started up in the Pacific Island whilst cruising on our yacht for 7 months.  My partner noticed red marks on my skin and insisted I keep the sunblock on regularly, being fair skinned with blue eyes the sun doesn’t look upon me too kindly.  Unfortunately, this was not sunburn.  It was the beginning of Rosacea brought on by sun exposure.  In recent years I have suffered from Lupus and knew I would have to be careful with sun exposure.  I applied sunblock almost constantly fearful of further damage and knew I would have to see a skin specialist when I returned to New Zealand.

By the time I got home, my skin was in a mess.  I didn’t want to go out as the areas effected by Rosacea were now raw and bleeding. The Rosacea was spreading so I decided to see a skin specialist urgently.  Unfortunately the Skin Specialist was overseas and couldn’t see me for three weeks.

By chance I was reading the Northern Advocate, a local New Zealand paper where Lesley Robinson from The Little Herbal Company writes an column in the health section.  What I read, was the beginning to my recovery.  

I started applying Little Herbal’s  KUSWERA ZURO herbal skin cream twice daily.  KUSWERA ZURO is a natural everyday moisturiser containing aloe, jojoba, evening primrose oil and, most importantly, the African Potato Tuber, which is rich in anti-inflammatory plant phytosterols.  Instantly my skin stopped burning and the healing started overnight. I couldn’t believe how quickly the healing process took place.  I also changed my cleansing regime to a simple soap wash (ph balanced, non -perfumed) and toned with witch hazel location, before applying the KUSWERA ZURO cream.  Within a week all the broken skin had healed and the redness was disappearing.  My skin has not looked or felt so good for a long time now.  I will continue to use Kuswsera Zuro as a daily moisturiser to maintain my skins balance. Since using the KUSWERA ZURO cream I have started to take Little Herbal’s supplement  SIMBA – immune support to balance and regulate my immune system as lupus (an auto-immune condition) has recurred over the years during stressful periods.

As for my appointment with the skin specialist, I cancelled that as he would have wondered what I was concerned about!


Sue T

- - - - -


I can go out with my friends again and I feel so much better about myself.

I am 16 years old and have lupus. The rash on my face was so bad I didn't want to go out with my friends and just felt really embarassed about it.
My mum got me some of your KZ cream a month ago and within a few days the rash looked so much better and it's now completely gone.

I can go out with my friends again and I feel so much better about myself. My mum wanted me to write this to you because she said it might help other people the same as me.

Thank you so much.


- - - - -


What a beauty find this is.

I have worked in the beauty industry for many years and have tried almost every range and brand. Several years ago I developed rosacea and tried so many creams to help lessen the symptoms, but nothing seemed to help. then I heard about Kuswero Zero! What a beauty find this is. From the first application it helped calm my skin, and over time my skin healed and repaired. Not only is this cream great for rosacea, it is a brilliant all-round moisturiser which leaves skin smooth and soft."

Hope this helps - I do some beauty writing so I hope this is of some use.


- - - - -


The cream has definitely had a good effect.

After seeing a piece in the Sunday Times I ordered a pot of Kuswera Zuro and began using it to treat acne rosacea on my forehead and nose. You might be interested to see the results of the treatment as judged approximately in percentage of symptom reduction:

August         100%

September     50%

October         50%

November     40%

December     25%

January        20%

February       15%

March           20%

April               30%

May               30%

June             20%

July               15%

August         15%

The cream has definitely had a good effect, even though it has not totally removed the redness. So I would like to order another 3 pots.

Dr A H

- - - - -


I find the cream keeps my rosacea at bay, together with no wheat or alcohol.


- - - - -


I'm telling everyone I know. I'm reordering now!

Hello, I'm sure you must get this all the time, but I just had to thank you and your colleagues in Zimbabwe - from the bottom of my heart for what your products have done for me. I am so skeptical about these things, but the word miracle is exactly right. I'm not even sure what skin condition I had, but it was chronic facial acne rosacea or just acne or dermatitis or something... No dermatologist, allergist or hormonal specialist could help me.

I have tried all of the following over the years with absolutely zero success:

  • Metrogel (metronidazol)
  • Trimovate Cream
  • Hormonal pills (from a hormone specialist at the ... Hospital)
  • Roaccutane
  • Dianette
  • Doxycycline
  • Graphites
  • Chinese herbal medicine
  • Fungal creams
  • Pychnogenol
  • Hydrocortisone
  • Nystatin
  • Cicatrin

Etc etc! None of these even helped a tiny bit really.

I'm using them both twice a day one on top of the other but I've been cured, quite literally overnight, of redness and blistering embarrassing itchy stubborn deep rooted scarring pustules. The speed of healing of my existing condition is just incredible. This has changed my life especially socially, as the condition has been socially crippling.

...I'm telling everyone I know. I'm reordering now!


- - - - -


I think 'KZ' is a "wonder cream!"

Just a note to say that I love your Kuswera Zuro cream, it's the only thing I've found that really that really helps my rosacea! I think 'KZ' is a "wonder cream!"


- - - - -


I have had acne rosacea for over 18 years and have tried various different treatments which have had had little effect. I have been using Kuswera Zuro for only 12 days and I have noticed a significant improvement in my skin.


- - - - -


Brilliant stuff! 

I suffer from really terrible shaving rashes and I dread having to shave every day for work.

I happened to see that the wife had a pot of Kuswera Zuro cream and decided to apply some to my neck to see what would happen.

It's great! I use it straight after shaving and once more later on in the day and find that it's not too sore and I don't get the tiny imflammation spots as usual. Brilliant stuff!


- - - - -


Almost immediately the improvement was obvious.

I have suffered from rosacia around my nose (in the classic triangular shape) for a long time and had been on prescription antibiotics from my GP for years. After reading about your Kuswero Zuro in an article in the Sunday Times magazine, I thought I would give it a go. I started using it in 2005 and almost immediately the improvement was obvious. I stopped the antibiotics and have not had to take them since.

Each summer I stop using the cream to see if the condition has cleared up completely but so far this has not been the case. Within a few days of stopping I can feel the discomfort starting again and so go back to applying the cream and all is well again. I use it morning and night and it really does work.

The new batch you sent me a few weeks ago seems the best yet - easy to apply and very effective. I am so pleased that you make this cream available and that it works so well for me.

John C

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