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Kim's SIMBA and DIABETES Story

I am not a Diabetic

 "I am not a diabetic." These are the words I uttered to a doctor who was telling me that I was a diabetic earlier this year, I was utterly adamant that I wasn’t and I was going to prove it.

The years 2011 and 2012 were horrendous for me, my stress levels had gone through the roof due to work and family issues and then I developed policeman’s heel which seriously curtailed my exercise.
I was on HRT and had been for over twenty years, I was approaching my mid- fifties  and I was overweight so yes in the doctor’s eyes a prime candidate for diabetes.

During 2012 I decided to start cutting down on my HRT and towards the end of the year I had cause to visit a doctor as I was having, as I thought, a problem which related to stress but which I now believe to have been caused by the reduction in the HRT.
Blood tests were organised but unbeknown to me others were requested including blood sugar levels which turned out to be quite high.

Towards the end of the year I changed my job, got a handle on all the other issues and I realised I was losing weight, I was starting to feel better and I was more in control of myself and situations.
I now realise that decreasing the HRT was a reason for this.

At the beginning of 2013 a further blood sugar test was carried out, the results were lower but still high, these were repeated a few months later and there had been a further decrease but it was still higher than it should have been.

Despite this I felt fabulous I was losing weight, I was more confident and after a year I was now back to exercising as my foot problem had virtually cleared up and then I had to go to the doctor’s but I went with my husband for support.

The doctor told me I was a diabetic, she wanted me to go to various clinic’s, have tests done etc, take medication, I really felt as though she was labelling me, pigeon holing me and she wanted me out of her office.
When she finished talking I told her “No” I am not a diabetic, yes my blood sugar levels are high but every test that has been done since the first has shown that they are decreasing, I talked about the stress that I had been under and that I felt this could be a cause. I told her my body was getting better, it was sorting itself out.
My cholesterol levels had always been low and there was no family history of diabetes and I did not have any other symptoms for diabetes.
She was not a happy doctor but I told her that I wanted to review it again in three months which she eventually agreed to.

My husband and I left the surgery in a bit of a daze but I was so determined to prove myself.

What follows are details of what I did with the support of both my husband and Lesley from Little Herbal. Lesley has been amazing researching information for me and providing me with the confidence and determination to see this through.

I went home and purchased a blood sugar monitor and then I went to work.

I kept a daily food diary, I monitored my blood sugar levels every day at various times, before and after meals and during the night noting every reading and referring back to the food diary.
I suffer with allergies and I found out that every allergic reaction I had was affecting my blood sugar levels so I became extra careful and more confident about telling people what I needed to avoid.

I looked in to my HRT, remember I had been on this for over twenty years, one of the rarer side effects of the HRT was developing allergies which I had, it could also cause weight gain despite me eating healthily and difficulty losing weight which it had even though I did try to diet, these were just a couple of side effects and there were so many more.
I realised I should never have been allowed to stay on it that long so I stopped it completely straight away and I have never looked back.

I read up on stress and what it can do to you and found out it can affect your blood sugar levels so I worked hard, and still do, at keeping stress at bay, it is not good for me and I don’t need it.

It was summer I started exercising more, I got out in the sunshine, I started having fun and I continued to lose weight.

Lesley told me about certain supplements to take with food that can help reduce blood sugar levels so I started researching and then looked in to foods which do the same thing.
I came across Maralyn Glennville who writes about natural alternatives to HRT which includes eating certain types of food and then I came across Patrick Holford.

Patrick Holford is a nutritionist of some note but I started researching him and then started reading some of his books, I was a bit sceptical at first but as I read more I realised it was common sense so I tried his GL diet eating foods and taking supplements that help lower your blood sugar levels and it works, I was helping my body to repair itself.

As my review time approached I arranged a further blood sugar level test and made an appointment with another doctor at the practice which my husband came to with me.

After  three months I was able to prove to the doctor the following:

  • My blood sugar levels were not affected by food – this was proved by my food diary and the blood sugar readings.
  •  Stress, HRT and allergic reactions affected my blood sugar levels but these were now very much reduced or stopped.
  •  I did not have any other symptoms of or for diabetes.
  •  I had lost weight after decreasing and then stopping HRT.

Most importantly my body was getting better, it was healing itself from within.

My blood sugar readings had reduced considerably, proved by the blood test.

This doctor listened to me, read all the notes/diaries I had taken in to him and when I was weighed he was quite taken aback.

The doctor took the label of diabetes off of my records and replaced it with a note that my blood sugar could be impaired. I have to go back next year after another blood test but I am so confident that the reading will be even lower.

As I left the surgery the doctor shook my hand that has never happened before and I like to think he did it out of respect for me and what I had achieved.

I am still taking SIMBA as I know that these will continue to help me on the road ahead .

I am still losing weight, I am happy and proud of myself and what I have achieved, I feel so confident and so empowered I can not believe that I am the same person who in the early part of 2012 was a complete and utter mess.

I am not a diabetic.


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