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Joint Pain

Q: My mum has suffered with joint pains for long.Doctors say it is arthritis/rheumatism. She has been given several medications but when she uses them for sometime they seem to help but then her stomach gets upset with lots of diarrhoea & she becomes so weak.

Therefore she easily quits these medications.

However,one psychiatrist pointed out that it could be a form of depression that manifests that way .He gave her clonazepam. Yet being a teacher,she could not stand the dozing in class that resulted from taking clonazepam.
Now can you please suggest a product for her that is side effect free?
Anticipating your response.
C.K. (by e mail)


A: I would suggest a combination of Simba and Filisa for your mum.
Simba, the African Potato tuber, is a potent natural anti-inflammatory with no known side effects. The other benefit of Simba is that it balances and regulates the immune system. Sometimes when our immune system is out of balance, our body can over-produce inflammatory agents and contribute to arthritic and rheumatic conditions,
The only time that Simba can't be taken is during pregnancy/lactation or post solid organ or bone marrow transplant.  
I would imagine that, in the past, your mum has taken non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, which have upset her stomach. This is one of their side effects.
Another potentially beneficial product, in addition to Simba, would be Vegepa -- a combination of Evening primrose oil and Omega 3 (www.igennus.co.uk) This will help restore the functioning of the synovial fluid of the joints, while a particularly important helpful component of virgin evening primrose oil is the family of triterpines (which help relieve the pain associated with arthritis).
She should take the recommended daily dose of Vegepa (see the Igennus web site)
She should take 1 capsule of Simba three times daily on an empty stomach and 2 capsules of Filisa twice daily with food.
I would advise taking Simba for at least 3 to 6 months before assessing the benefit to her. Simba will take around 6 weeks to really get into the system and begin to take effect, so perseverance is vital.

Hope this is useful. If I can help any further please let me know.

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