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Curious about one of our wonderful ingredients?

Find out more about them here, and why we use them...

african-potato.jpg      kigelia-africana.jpg      sutherlandia-flower-2.jpg      aloeexcelsa.jpg
African potato tuber    Sausage tree    Sutherlandia   Aloe
Hypoxis Hemerocallidea   Kigelia Africana   Sutherlandia Frutescens
  Aloe Excelsia
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calendula.jpg   lavender.jpg   valerian.jpg   wintercherry.jpg 
Marigold    Lavender    Valerian    Winter Cherry
 Calendula Officinalis    Africanis Lavendula    Valerian Officinalis
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hawthorn.jpg    hops.jpg   sceletium.jpg    passionflower.jpg 
 Hawthorn    Hops    Sceletium    Passion Flower
 Crataegus Monogyna    Humulus Lupulus    Sceletium Tortuosum   Passiflora Incarnata
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skullcap.jpg   wildolive.jpg   manuka-tree.jpg    kawakawa.jpg 
 Skullcap    Wild Olive    Manuka
 Scutellaria Lateriflora    Olea Africana   Leptospermum Scoparium
  Macropiper Excelsum
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Pomaderris kumarahou            
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