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Genital Herpes

Can you please tell me some more about this cream [Themba] and whether it is good for herpes sores?

Also can you give me any more advice or suggestions on how to deal with genital herpes.

Do you have anything that might help as I have just been diagnosed with this condition,

A. For the immune system to work properly and most effectively, all the parts and components need to be working together so that the whole system will function at its peak. When all of the system is working correctly, your body is better able to fight against viruses that may be attacking it such as the herpes virus.

Since the herpes virus never goes away, but just sits there in your nerves, you can’t destroy it completely and be cured. However, a healthy, balanced immune system can help fight off recurrences when the virus gets triggered into being active in the body again. As soon as this trigger occurs, your immune system (if healthy) will get to work to fight it off and make it dormant again so you do not get an outbreak. Or,if you do, it can help reduce the time and severity of your outbreaks.

So, taking a course of Simba (African Potato tuber) will help to balance and regulate your immune system and restore normal immune functioning.  You can also use our Themba cream topically on any sores and we have found Themba very effective for all the herpes viruses (cold sores and chicken pox included). Apply at least twice daily after washing.

Herpes affects the immune system because it can weaken it and also make you more susceptible to other diseases and infections. Your body is busy trying to fight off the herpes virus and might not be as active at fighting off other things that might come along.

Your body’s natural defence, called the “immune responses” comes from the immune system. The herpes virus attacks your immune system and your immune system fights back and a battle ensues between the two. If the herpes virus wins, you get an outbreak. Sometimes the immune system will kick into gear and fight the outbreak and it will end quickly or not become severe. But sometimes if the immune system is strong enough, you can prevent the outbreak before it even occurs.

Anyone with herpes knows that the ideal would be to keep the outbreak from happening and keep your herpes in control at all times. To be able to do this, you need to have your immune system up to par. While you can’t help certain genetic factors, there are some things you can do to help build a stronger immune system.


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