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FILISA - Sutherlandia Frutescens

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    FILISA - Sutherlandia Frutescens capsules

    Sutherlandia Frutescens is a bushy plant with vibrant red flowers that grows in Southern Africa. Sutherlandia has a long history of traditional use as it has significant anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties, and contains naturally occurring L-Canavanine and Pinitol.

    We have called our Sutherlandia Frutescens "Filisa", which, in Zulu, means 'to make better'. However, the ancient Zulu name for this plant is 'Insiswa', which translates as "the one which dispels the darkness". The wives of slain Zulu warriors used to take Sutherlandia to ease their grief, and the warriors themselves used it to 'take the war out' of them.

    Our FILISA may be able to help with the following conditions:

    • Stress, anxiety, depression and grief
    • Menopausal symptoms : hot flushes, irritability
    • PMT
    • Candida
    • Cystitis
    • Herpes viruses

    Ingredients & Instructions

    120 x 200mg of dried herb per capsule (no binders, fillers or other additives)

    • Take two capsules, twice a day, with meals.
    • Our pharmacist advises not to take FILISA if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. FILISA is not generally suitable for children under 12 years of age.
    • FILISA can be taken alongside conventional anti-depressants.
    • Do not use with Warfarin or any other anti-coagulants.

    Please persevere with FILISA. For some people it will take effect quite quickly, for others it may take several weeks before the benefits are felt, as with any herbal product.

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    1. Hope in a bottle  star rating

      Posted by Gabriella Maddigan

      I've always been what is described as being 'highly sensitive' as well as having a very anxious disposition. In the past I have been perscribed antidepressants from the doctor but they always had a 'numbing' effect, and also usually resulted in unpleasant side-effects.

      The great thing about Filisa is that it not only has no side-effects whatsoever, but that it doesn't have that horrible 'numbing' feeling that I've experienced in the past with antidepressants. Filisa does not take away my feelings of grief or sadness, but I no longer feel overwhelmed and out of control the way I did in the past.

      I would recommend Filisa to anyone! It allows me to cope with life while still feeling like myself. I honestly don't know what I would do without it! Thank you Little Herbal!

    2. Astonishingly effective!  star rating

      Posted by Catherine

      I found out about the Little Herbal company on the recommendation of Gina Burton, a nutritionist specialising in glandular fever. Lesley's recommendation for Simba and Filisa (along with Gina's advice) really do seem to be helping my daughter to get over it. After only a few weeks on the herbs/dietary advice/supplements she really is starting to seem like her old self and so thank you very much for that. Lesley, you've been very generous with your wisdom and knowledge and although I know you were confident the herbs would help, seeing the results start to take place so quickly has been a great relief to us all.

      Aside from the above, another reason for my review, is that there has been another unexpected benefit…. Having learnt about Filisa and its uses, I thought I'd try it for my own low grade anxiety and something remarkable has happened.

      Having first skied in my early twenties and most years for the past 15 years, I have discovered that I have never skied as well as I have this year. I couldn't really work out what was happening. I felt relaxed and also thrived on the speed whereas previously, I've always been a cautious skier. On my recent skiing holiday, I haven't once had that 'how am I going to get down that' feeling when I went over the brow of a hill but rather an excitement at the thought of the challenge. I've not only been nearly keeping up with all the children (and they're fast!) it's been my best ever holiday, my technique has improved and I've felt like I could even become a proper skier one day - even when I've had a big 'wobble', I've corrected myself and stayed up. After a few days I suddenly twigged that the Filisa had taken the anxiety out of my skiing and replaced it with more relaxed shoulders, a better posture, a lot more speed and a lot of fun. Not recklessness, but confidence. It really has been a bonus and thought you'd enjoy hearing about my unexpected and rather bizarre transformation as well as the more predictable beneficial outcome with the glandular fever!

      I recognise other people reviewing have bigger health problems and probably this is the first ski review on the site. I hope this is not too much information for a review, but I can't quite believe how different my daughter seems and also the effect it appears to have had on me. I suspect the benefits might also apply to other sports where removing anxiety would help.

      Thank you so very much Lesley, obviously mainly for my daughter's improvement but also the improvement in my own skiing!

    3. Goodbye black clouds  star rating

      Posted by Tina

      I won a bottle of FILISA in a competition and it sat in the cupboard for a while. One day whilst tidying the cupboard I read up about FILISA and found out about its’ benefits for people going through depression. Both me and my Mum were going through a rough time and so I took it round to her and told her to take it. She convinced me to have half with her, although the effects weren’t immediate we started to feel some benefit so ordered some more.

      Me and Mum are both now back on track and instead of getting up each morning with a black cloud over our heads we can look forward to the day ahead. If we encounter any problems we manage to deal with it without getting bogged down. We both put our recovery down to FILISA and would recommend it to anyone.

      I was also sent a pot of THEMBA and have been using that on a toe nail infection and it seems to be sorting that out along with dry skin patches. The Little Herbal Company are so helpful and I can’t praise them up enough.

      Just goes to prove Lesley that competitions do work, if not I would never have known about FILISA. Thank you so much for that.

      Once again thank you for your help.

    4. I wanted to share my experience with you and also to say thank you for your brilliant Filisa which has quite literally saved my life!  star rating

      Posted by Ruby

      I have three children aged 24, 20 and 18. At the age of 44, and after being fortunate enough to have been a stay at home mum, I found myself having to face the prospect of my youngest daughter going off to the other side of the country to university.

      As this date has approached I've found myself getting more and more depressed at the thought of not having any of my children at home any more. They have been my life and although the 2 big ones are off making their own lives, this daughter is my baby and it's been so terribly hard to cope with. I'm also peri-menopausal I think which doesn't help matters. Everything seems to be coming to an end.

      My friend suggested that I get some Filisa and so I started to take it a couple of months ago. I can honestly say that it has helped me so much to deal with this (what seems to be a monumental) change in my life. I've been trying so hard to hide my feelings from a: my daughter, because she doesn't deserve to be under any pressure and b: my husband, who says he's really looking forward to it just being the two of us. We married quite young and had our children quickly so he doesn't feel as if we've had 'our time' together yet.. I couldn't see that at all and just felt bereft and thoroughly miserable.

      In the last two months Filisa has helped me to get back in control, to see the positive side of this and to feel hopeful and happy. I've joined Weightwatchers, in an attempt to get my 19 year old figure back, I've volunteered at the local hospice shop a couple of days a week, and I've taken up badminton again. I've also started to look, with my lovely husband, at us taking our first solo holiday together. My kids say they're proud of me - how good is that - and my husband can't quite believe the new me. Even my strange hot flush episodes seem to have gone.

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart - I can now go on to this new phase of my life full of optimism and joy that I have been blessed to have had my wonderful children at home with me for so long. Time for me to move on now and embrace this time in my life.

    5. A lifesaver  star rating

      Posted by Allison

      For some number of years i have suffered anxiety and stress. Since discovering Little Herbal and Filisa through a recommendation and desperation some five years ago.I have been able to get my anxiety under control.

      With a little perseverance and knowing when to increase and decrease the dosage, I have had great results. I now feel calm, level and more able to cope in times of stress.



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