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Can you please recommend something for painful diagnosed endometriosis.



I would advise taking Simba for endometriosis as it’s a great natural anti-inflammatory and immune regulator. Simba will take around 6 to 8 weeks to really get into the system and begin to work and so you should think about it as a longer term plan rather than a ‘quick fix’  and persevere for at least 6 months at a dose of 3 capsules daily on an empty stomach. We’ve seen some very good success using Simba for endometriosis.

There is much speculation these days that endometriosis is a condition where the immune system is attacking the body. It seems true that an autoimmune reaction is taking place, when particles of the body are found in areas where they should not be i.e. the endometrium. But in the case of endometriosis, the immune system should be attacking those stray cells, but it is not clearing up the stray cells completely. It is left unchecked, which is why these stray cells go on to develop into Endometriosis.

In women who do not have Endometriosis, but who do have stray endometrial cells in the pelvic cavity, these stray cells are cleaned up by the immune system. It has been noted that a very high percentage of women do have retrograde menstruation which will contain endometrial cells, but because their immune system is functioning properly, then this debris is destroyed and not left in the pelvic cavity to go on and develop into Endometriosis.

My own feelings are that endometriosis is a Secondary Immune Deficiency disease, which is triggered by outside factors like toxins, dioxins and excess estrogens in the body. I doubt if we will ever find out which one of these is the culprit, and maybe it’s due to a cocktail of things that is compromising the immune system. But considering so many women with Endometriosis suffer from other health problems in tandem with their endometriosis, then it seems logical to assume that a compromised immune system is the root cause.

Again, Simba works well because, as well as it’s anti-inflammatory properties, it balances and regulates the immune system and restores normal immune functioning. The African potato tuber is a rich source of phytosterols, in particular beta sitosterol, and these important plant fats play a vital part in immune regulation.

Also Omega 3 fish oils could be added to the equation – fermented seems to be best, but is hard to get. You could try Ethical Nutrients high strength liquid fish oil or equivalent.

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