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I’ve been battling depression for years now and have just weaned myself off anti-depressants (with my doctors help) because I just felt that they weren’t doing me any good. Is there anything natural I can take just to take the edge off the way I’m feeling. I don’t want to be dependent on drugs again.


I’m so sorry that you have had precious years blighted by depression Jenny and here is my suggestion for you.

We have a great product for depression, stress and anxiety called FILISA.

FILISA is the Sutherlandia frutescens plant from Southern Africa and this was traditionally used by the Zulus to ‘put the heart back’ into widows of slain Zulu warriors and to ‘take the war out’ of returning warriors who had survived. We also use FILISA a lot post bereavement.

We have had FILISA for about 11 years and have had no reported side effects. There is no interaction with other medicines and FILISA can even be taken alongside conventional anti-depressants, although not necessarily the same time of the day. You can stop taking FILISA at any time without fear of withdrawal symptoms.

FILISA comes in veggie capsules and is pure Sutherlandia, with nothing added or extracted, and is formulated by our qualified South African pharmacist.
We’ve had lots of publicity about FILISA and it comes highly recommended by one of the UK’s top psychotherapists Marisa Peer and by Helen McNallen who runs the web site ‘Depression can be Fun’ Marisa says that it is the safest and best natural anti-depressant she has ever come across.

Take 2 capsules twice daily with food.

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