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Crohns Disease

Do you have any complementary health advice about Crohn's disease? My son suffers terribly from it.

Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory disease which can affect the whole of the alimentary tract from the mouth to anus, including prolonged extensive inflammation of the small intestine. The inflammation extends through all layers of the gut wall in patches between normal tissue. Complications outside of the intestine can occur. There are periods of remission, when patients are symptom-free, and relapses, when symptoms flare up.

The cause of Crohn’s Disease is still unknown, but there is a hereditary tendency and many doctors believe that it is an auto-immune condition where the body's immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys healthy body tissue. Stress can be a major factor in flare ups.

The inflammation is the sign of an immune system mounting an appropriate response to a foreign invader. It is vitally important to keep the immune system balanced and healthy and prevent over activation of inflammatory agents.

It is also important to avoid stress which, as I mentioned, is a major factor in Crohns.

Foods to avoid are:

·        Any food which is an irritant to the bowel, ie wheat, gluten, any type of bran, dairy produce from cows, including cheeses

·         Avoid very hot or cold foods, spicy foods and vinegar

·         Absolutely avoid processed foods and fried foods and cut down on red meat

·         Avoid refined sugar which creates inflammation in the body

·         The main intolerances include dairy produce, wheat, corn, tomatoes, citrus, potato and chocolate

Foods you can eat are:

·         Rice, millet, baley and quinoa

·         Mashed pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots, papaya and mango which are all rich in carotenes

·         Chlorophyll heals the bowel so eat more green foods such as watercress, spring greens and cabbage

·         Fresh fish is high in zinc and zinc aids tissue healing

·         Oily fish is high in omega 3 oils which also aids healing

·         One of the best gut healers is aloe vera juice but buy the unpreserved type which you keep in the fridge

Take a good acidophilus supplement to encourage good bacteria in the gut. Not the probiotic drinks. You can get a good acidophilus supplement from your local health store.

Also take Omega 3 fish oils and evening primrose oils. Some supplement companies offer products that combine both oils in one product.

Take a supplement of SIMBA, the African Potato tuber, which is rich in beta sitosterol. SIMBA works to balance and regulate the immune system and restore normal immune functioning. The plant is also a potent natural anti-inflammatory. Start with a low dose of 1 to 2 capsules daily, on an empty stomach, and build up to the recommended therapeutic dose.


 The actor, Jeff Hordley, who was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease when he was 29 years old, found that "by amending my diet and taking SIMBA, I can keep things at bay”. He says that “although I’m not 100 per cent better, by having a strong immune system, I have a stronger chance of fighting anything else that might go wrong in the future”.


Hope all this helps, and if there is anything else I can do, please let me know.

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