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Hi Lesley

My daughter is 18 and has been suffering with acne since she was 14 or so.

She is on an oral antibiotic for it but without much success. She is very upset about it.

A friend mentioned she had got some preparation from you for her son who has acne.

Please advise.



We do have a terrific herbal skin cream called Themba which we use for acne and we've had some great results with it.

Themba is based on the fruit of the kigelia tree from Southern Africa, where it has been traditionally used for skin problems for centuries. We work with a qualified pharmacist in Africa, who formulates all our products, and he adds African Lavender, Calendula, Aloe, beeswax, Vitamin E and wheatgerm oil to the kigelia to make a great blend of skin healing plants and oils.

Your daughter would need to apply Themba as often as possible to the affected areas, but at least twice daily. She can begin applying it at the first sign of a new spot developing.

Themba doesn't contain any steroids, antibiotics or parabens and is unperfumed.

I do hope we can help her as acne is very distressing for teenagers in their sensitive developing years.

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